Stampede style


You might have heard of a little event that takes place here in Alberta, called the Calgary Stampede ( Also known as “the greatest outdoor show on Earth?” Are you getting the sense yet that we’re pretty proud of it?

Well, this year hundreds of thousands of people will flock to Calgary from July 6-15 to celebrate the centennial anniversary of this amazing event. Chuckwagons, cattle and equine shows, World Championships for blacksmiths, stock dogs and livestock auctioneers, not to mention the richest rodeo in the world, will draw people from all over the globe. And the Garth Brooks concert won’t hurt attendance either…

Where does my mind go? To what to wear, of course! You can pretty well bet the farm that it’ll be h-o-t-t, hot, so light daywear is a must whether you’re in the barns or playing tourist. Nighttime is the time to break out the western glam – great denim, layered accessories, lace and maybe even a little fringe.

Catch y’all in Cowtown!

Stampede style 4

Stampede Style 1

Stempede Style 3

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