[catchy tunes] “Cows Around”


Southwest Cowgirl

I finally saw Corb Lund in concert, more about and if it’s possible, I love him even more than I did before. The show was a charity gig for our flooded friends in High River, Alberta – pretty well all the funds that came in the door went to support flood relief, including part of the bar sales. It seems a very impressive accomplishment in this day and age for a lone artist to get the venue, management, promoters, band, and everyone else involved to do it for free. That’s how cool Corb is.

You can listen to his new album here, which rocks. Dad called last month to tell me “Cows Around” was the BEST song he’d ever heard. Sure, it’s got a catchy beat and some funny lines, but when you really listen to the lyrics, I think there are a lot of cattle peeps who can relate.

You mighta had to let em dig for oil and gas
You mighta had to turn the place into an exotic game ranch
You mighta had to do all kinds of things to raise the cash
So you’d always have cows around

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