Cattle Show Memories


Today starts my volunteer duties with Farmfair and the Canadian Finals Rodeo, sales and for the next ten days you can find me in at Northlands’ Edmonton Expo Centre. Growing up, visit this site our family had custom show cattleĀ  so Mom and Dad would usually let us take the week off school if we OK’d it with our teachers and got all the homework done ahead of time. Even though we’d be exhausted from the 4am mornings and long days, there are so many great memories:

  • Loading feed for the day with dad before we left home in the frosty mornings, then snuggling up in the truck to keep warm when the heater was still blowing cold air.
  • Sneaking coffee from the Limousin breed booth, filled with sugar and creamer.
  • Playing with friends under the big bleachers in Hall D.
  • Scrounging up enough coins to get fries at the concession with my brothers when Mom was trying to make us eat sandwiches.
  • Running cattle up and down the ramp to the show ring.
  • Sleeping on the tack box with jackets for blankets.

Nowadays, my brother still has a Limousin show string, Dad competes in the cowhorse show, I volunteer with the International Ag Business Centre and the ranch rodeo, and Mom volunteers with everything. I guess it’s always been a family affair.

With all the various hats I get to wear, it’s essentially “dress up” week! If this was in my closet, I’d be wearing it today for IABC duties. Over the next week, I’ll be posting outfit inspiration for every stock show, horse show and rodeo occasion you may have. Hope to see some of you in the barns!

Canadian Finals Rodeo

4 Responses to “Cattle Show Memories”

    • Elle-Bo

      You definitely should! It’s more fun every year – they’ve added some great events and attractions in the past few years.

  1. Tiffany

    Love this, Laura! Great memories—crazy how stock show memories are the same everywhere, whether you’re in NM or Canada!


    • Elle-Bo

      Isn’t it? Pretty strong common bond amongst us all. I always love your posts about state fair and FFA.