Cavalia – Proudly Canadian


If you live in Alberta and haven’t seen Cavalia yet, case go book your tickets right now.

Created by the co-founder of Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia brings to life the beautiful story of humans’ relationship with horses. The wide variety of talents this show involves is simply astounding. All of the horsemen and women, musicians, acrobats, dancers and horses are the ones you easily see and appreciate, but the directors, choreographers, set designers and marketers also share the kudos for creating such a successful production.

The fact that the now world-renowned Cavalia was born in Canada is something we should all find enormous pride in. It has toured all across our country, the United States, Europe and is now headed to Australia to enrapture audiences there.

To every person who has played a part in Cavalia – sincere congratulations. And can I join the team, please?

[for all the cool stats, check out Wikipedia]

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