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There are never words adequate in the face of tragedy, dosage never explanation sufficient to answer the question of “why.”

Losing another of the best people I’ve had privilege to know, this past week was again spent reflecting on the magnificent legacy of her life. As a steward of the land, her impact on Alberta’s landscape will be appreciated for years to come. As a new mother, her son will no doubt grow to emanate the beauty of her spirit. As a joyful, loving soul, her memory will live on to inspire all those who met her.

There is much to be learned from her life. As there is from the too-great number of others whose lives were cut short, but who truly lived the time they were given.

But yesterday, as I heard the memories and tributes of many who held her dear, I was struck by what there was to learn from those left behind. Grace.

In the face of what was likely their worst nightmare come true, each and every one of her family and friends celebrated her life with a grace, a level of poise, that will long stay with me. If they can show such dignity in heartbreak, cannot I not work to better conduct myself with and from a place of love every day?


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  1. Tiffany

    This is beautiful, Laura. I’m so sorry for your loss, it sounds like she was an amazing woman.