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Katie is one of my real-life style icons. I met her when she and her husband (Dun-Rite Stock & Stables) contacted our company to help them with some identity and print design projects. Ever since, website I’ve looked forward to seeing her warm smile and fabulous outfits at cattle shows and events. I wish I had a photo of her from Farmfair this fall – she came into the barns wearing this gorgeous white leather jacket with a red top underneath, web wide headband, order great hair, red lipstick, boots and jeans, and was a total stand-out, as always. When we ran into each other on the way home from NFR, I asked if she would be interested in telling you lovely readers what she saw for style trends, and what she bought. Luckily, she agreed, and here you are!


A highlight each year for me is our annual holiday to Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo. We attended four rodeo performances this year, and as much as I love the rodeo, I love the shopping more! We are always asked what are you going to do in Vegas for 7 days? With four tradeshows to get through, I will tell you exactly what I am going to do – yep, that’s right, shop.

As we wandered through tradeshow after tradeshow, the diversity and uniqueness of the items for sale were incredible. Here are a few of my purchases and new favorite must haves.

[photos from here and here]

The headband is a must have, whether adorned with a large flower or covered in stones the bigger and more extreme the better. If you can’t quite get into this large and bright statement try a simple lace band or the glittery narrow version.

[photo from here]

Tunics and dresses worn over a great pair of jeans. Solid colours with detailed embroidery or bold prints cinched with a belt can be dressed up or worn for a day of errands. Dress up the look by making sure your jeans are starched.

[images from here and here]

Whether for dress or function, the square toe still rules. Dress boots with a narrow square toe, embroidery and detailed inlay are a must have. For the everyday look a basic black or brown with a wide square toe is essential.

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  1. Shari

    Thank you for sharing these lovely finds! I just purchased my first couple of headbands right around Christmas time and am excited to get wearing them. I really love those brown boots!!