Just breathe


First off, diagnosis anyone reading this practice yoga? What’s your favorite style? Though I’m at a Moksha studio, I also love practicing yin.

In a short two and a half years, yoga has become about the only thing I consistently make time for outside family, friends and work. It started as a quest to do SOME kind of exercise, continued because of the huge difference it made for my chronically sore shoulder and hip, and hooked me for life with the impact I’ve experienced on my state of being.

Yoga is really about breathing. Breathing deeply. Breathing through discomfort. Focusing on each breath to be present in the moment.

Each class, we begin by setting an intention and use this as a mantra to bring our focus back if we get distracted or frustrated. There is a hashtag movement on Twitter for #MondayMantra, so today will be my first time to participate on this blog.

This week’s Monday Mantra:
I am my best master and my worst enemy.

4 Responses to “Just breathe”

  1. Shari

    Thank you for sharing! I am also highly considering making some time to do yoga. I think this could give me the peace and calm that I need personally in my life and for my body – something I don’t get from anything else I do.

  2. Tiffany

    Great mantra! I’ve done hot yoga and once the mantra was “stay on your own mat.” I also read in some book (I forget which one now) about how another yoga instructor used this. I think it applies so well not only for yoga, but for life too. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else, stop worrying about doing better or not being as good, and just stay on your own mat!

    Excited to read more mantras as you post them!


  3. Shelagh

    Ok, you got me! I’ve never made the time, but I have a bit of space opening up in my schedule.

    I need to add some calm & centering in my chaos!

    • Elle-Bo

      It’s honestly made a huge difference in my life, and I’m pretty sure my family is exceedingly grateful, haha!