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I admit it. I am one of those people who updates their home decor with the seasons. Don’t judge me.

But here’s the reason – I LOVE Christmas decor. And after I drag it out for at least three… ok four months, and it seems necessary to give the other seasons a bit of recognition as well. None though can bring me the happiness of red, sildenafil gold and green with a little glitter thrown in!


This year is a bit extra special, decease as my Christmas collection was blessed by the addition of some of Grandma’s pieces.

IMG_9233 IMG_9270

It’s taken years to collect enough items that most of the house can feel pretty festive. Why? Because I’m thrifty (aka cheap). So every last-week-of-December is highlighted by annual trips to the local garden centres where I can fill a cart with beautiful, glorious, joy-inducing treasures to add to my Christmas box(es) in the basement at 60-75% off. There is no better feeling than scoring my favourite things at a steep discount!


That said, a lady can never have too much Christmas decor.

IMG_9188 IMG_9241 IMG_9177

When I posted photos this year, there were quite a lot of very kind comments, and even a few requests for help. A very nice compliment! Well, my primary advice is to do a little online research and find a theme you really like, be it bright colours, plaid, silver and blue, or whatever. For me, that is red poinsettias with gold and bronze accents, supported by lots of greenery and earthy fibres. You’ll notice some white thrown in for contrast – I’ve found I also really love cable knit. Maybe when I add another level to my house it can be completely cozy-sweater themed.


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