Hi there! It’s been awhile… a long while, there actually. I think the trouble was this: while fashion and decor are fun to me, they aren’t parts of my life that really get my blood pumping and make me excited about what each day holds.

What does do that, is agriculture – how feeding people is changing, and where it’s headed as the Earth’s population continues to increase exponentially. Most every day, there is some meme or article coming across my social media feed attacking our food system and the people who ensure we are fed. And it’s hard, really hard, for me to see and read those because most of my family and clients work their butts off day in and day out in all weather to put food on our plates.

This lands me in some opportunities to share first-hand experience and educated knowledge with the 98% of North Americans who have not been so fortunate to be raised in the industry that feeds the world. Once in awhile, it ends me in a heated debate…

And so I’ve decided to re-focus this blog on what I am passionate about, and open the conversation with any of you who might have questions about agriculture or advocating for farmers and ranchers. Maybe I’ll even post a few of the more heated discussions for your entertainment, haha!

limited land for agriculture
[ courtesy of Youth Ag-Summit ]

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