Shorts for Fall?

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Can I get a show of hands for all the gals who don’t “love” their legs? I avoid short skirts, link shorts and bathing suits like the plague. For real. I’d rather sweat my butt off in the summer than have someone see the pasty, pudgy, knock-kneed trunks deemed my legs. So as I was working on Monday’s post about being able to wear short skirts with leggings in the Fall, I thought, “hey, why couldn’t cowgirls also rock shorts in the same way?

So here we are. Not super cowgirl, but with just enough edge to call it western glamour.

fall shorts
fall shorts
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One Response to “Shorts for Fall?”

  1. Tiffany

    I’m not a huge dressy shorts fan, but I would totally wear that first outfit with a pencil skirt! 🙂