Show day style

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It’s show day for our fam in at Farmfair! My brother is exhibiting five cattle in the Limousin show, drug and I’m giving him a hand getting them into the showring. Though I’ve high hopes that I can avoid being IN the ring and just stay at the chutes, it’s best to be prepared.

I believe in treating any situation where you are representing your business as a professional endeavor, and that you should dress for the occasion. When showing your cattle to the judge, it’s important to dress respectfully and appropriately – clean, pressed button up shirt (a nice, long-sleeved top will do), dark-wash jeans, cowboy boots, and simple belt and accessories. Cowboy hats are ok.


Where I’m hoping to be is in the back, getting cattle ready for the ring. Here, comfort, warmth and cover take precedence. By the time it’s done, we’ll be covered in hair and adhesive, so it’s best to wear an outer layer that you don’t mind getting dirty, and that you can take off when the show is over. I prefer a shell jacket that repels hair, waterproof overpants and running shoes.

at the chute

Keep your fingers crossed for us! The competition will be a stiff one.

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