Skirtin’ Around


Feeling inspired this week by the influences of Mexico – beautiful, full skirts and vibrant colours. Maxi styles with great jackets are perfect for Autumn.

mexico city
mexico city

2 Responses to “Skirtin’ Around”

  1. JR Pittman

    I love that multi coloured skirt, I would wear it. And for the record my sisters are probably saying “Jamie, as if! That would look ridiculous!” But I’ll remind them of their pre judgement of my crazy pants I bought off Etsy, which turned out to be a golden choice that I look awesome in. You heard me Justine and Jade…..

    • Elle-Bo

      Well, clearly your fashion sense is so very far superior! (J & J, if you are reading this, you know I’m just saying that to avoid making a pregnant lady mad at me)