Studio to stall


I could so relate to Danielle’s comment recently on Western Glamour about falling down on my exercise routine. It seems like for the past six weeks, page I’m barely home long enough to do laundry and re-pack, more about let alone exercise… or clean the house.

Two years ago, I started practicing yoga and found it’s benefited my shoulder and hip issues so much that it certainly doesn’t take many days off before I can feel the difference. I’ve also noticed an impact on my riding as it helps keep my breathing calm and body balanced.

The poor people in class likely don’t appreciate the days that I’m running from the barn to class without time for a shower, but I don’t think the horse minds when I get on him relaxed and more focused from yoga!

Here are a few ideas for mixing yoga and barn wear so you can fit in either place.

Studio to stall 1

Studio to stall 2

Studio to stall 3

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