Whole Wheat Peach Cobbler


I’m not 100%, advice but I think peaches are still in season – aren’t they? Anyway, doesn’t matter, you can make this with frozen peaches too. It has no sugar and no white flour, so it’s practically healthy. Unless you eat the entire pan in 24h, which I’ve never done… OK, maybe I have.

A little back story, I had a health scare a year ago and it provided a wake-up call that perhaps it was time to start paying a bit of attention to the other issues that had been plaguing me for years. JR had a fantastic experience with a naturopath pretty well eliminating her asthma, so I made an appointment for a consultation.When it was all said and done, I went home with a few herbal supplements and a whole whack of dietary changes:

No cane sugar or derivatives. Only honey and stevia.
No refined grains.
No tropical fruit.
No citrus fruit, except lemon.
No dairy products.
No red meat.

You might imagine my reaction to those last two, with my grandfather having been a dairy farmer and most of my family being in the beef business. But I tried. The red meat deal lasted about six months, and the dairy made it around eight months. Having said that, I still try to restrict my intake of dairy because it makes such a difference to my immune system.

For the first couple of months I was dang whiny, until I finally thought to ask my FB peeps for recipes. They came through with loads of great ideas! So between them and Google, I now have an iPad full of delicious entrees and treats that make the diet restrictions much easier to live with. Which in turn means I feel a whole lot better.

Back to the original post topic – peach cobbler. I found this recipe on a blog called jessbcuz and have made it, oh, pretty well every week since then. There is nothing better than fresh peaches! And since she calls it a breakfast cobbler, I think that makes it perfectly acceptable to have for three meals a day…

[ click here for the Peach Cobbler recipe on jessbcuz’s site ]

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