Workin’ It


Working from a home office is awesome. It used to drive me insane, this the amount of time I felt I wasted commuting to work, order and, let’s be honest, getting primped for an office gig. It used to be an hour getting ready, 30 minutes driving to work, and then 30-60 minutes back home. I love being able to roll out of bed in the morning and walk downstairs to my computer. Ten minutes to brush my teeth, put on sweats clothes, make coffee and a piece of toast, and I’m at work. But, I’ll admit there are days I wish I had an excuse to wear some cool “work” clothes. It somehow doesn’t seem worth it when no one else will see them…

Here’s what I’d wear if I had a reason to:


workin' it
workin' it

workin' it

2 Responses to “Workin’ It”

  1. Tiffany

    I would like to invite you to New Mexico. To take me shopping and live in my closet for a week or two.