“Young Blood”

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There are two categories of young people who continually have me in awe: good parents and farmers/ranchers. I was born and raised on a cattle farm, rx illness and vividly remember the challenges my parents faced to be successful in spite of drought, market lows, the BSE crisis and so many other factors that could have destroyed their dream. Young farmers and ranchers have to have enormous passion for feeding the rest of the world to take on the work load, the stress and the initial investment debt that it takes to try and build your life in production agriculture.

So it was a tremendous privilege for me to write my first feature story on two young cattle-producing families that I have a lot of respect for. Michael & Rhea Wheeler and Matt Fleury are collaborating and doing things a little differently than their parents to try to carve out their own niche in the Angus industry. If you could use a little bit of Monday inspiration, take a read and get to know these awesome people.

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  1. Shari

    What an excellent article, and a fantastic group of successful young ag enthusiasts!